In Town Council

I am a representative of Green Party in the town council in Rovaniemi. I want to develop our city into an open and creative international hub with rich cultural diversity. I appreciate nature in the city and hope that a good care is taken of it. Good decision making is based on communication, knowledge and research. I want to develop the decision-making process in Rovaniemi to be more transparent.

Who am I, and what are my aims in municipal politics?

I am a Doctor of Art in the discipline of art education. I work as a university lecturer and with numerous regional development projects at the University of Lapland. I am always thinking of what would be best for the future of Lapland.

I am a 43year-old mother of two in a bilingual family. My children go to school and kindergarten, and my partner is from England and self-employed. I see diversity from different nations as richness and an opportunity.

I live in Korkalovaara and I am concerned about the challenges in the suburbs of Rovaniemi. We need to take better care of them.

Sustainable development is an important goal for me. Rovaniemi can be developed with both high-quality construction and green areas. The diversity of nature must be protected.

I am a chairperson of the board in the Green Party in Rovaniemi and I have a number of positions of trust in the field of art and culture. I appreciate cultural life in Rovaniemi and I think that arts and culture create better well-being in the community.

My hobbies include cross-country skiing, hiking, gardening and crafting.